Yoshie Suzuki

The way capitalist society works is neither romantic nor tragic. Everything is constantly explored, consumed, and recycled in massive production forces beyond human endurance. Our body and senses are artificial-ized and territorial-ized by massive 'Desiring-production' through fanta-plastic technology and media. I am interested in a gap between mass romantic myths and personal boundary and sensibility. Using my body as a medium of experimentation and as a battlefield, I seek the way to reveal blatant exploitation of the human body and sexuality in our culture.

Project Description
VITAL X: KISSING PROJECT 1999-2001 A single channel video/color/stereo/Total Running Time: 20 min. 30 sec. Looped

How is it possible to believe in romance when you have lost your faith in true love?

Vital X: Kissing Project is a video documentation of an ongoing project in which I ask strangers to kiss me passionately while on camera. My experience of living in a foreign country has been always marked with my Asian appearance. It is not easy to feel at home when you are constantly being objectified like an export product. Whatever you do, you can't strip your skin.

"I had this attitude that you'd learn more about different places by sleeping with someone than you would do by actually travelling." Tracey Emin

Like a dog that marks its territory with urination, I mark foreign cityscapes with intimate kisses, and declare my existence in this society. I wanted to meet people on the street, and capture spontaneous, unexpected situations in public/commercial spaces.

So-called public space is perverted, challenging anyone who walks in the space with dynamics of powers. To engage in promiscuous sexual behavior with a stranger in the public space liberates one's mind from cultural boundaries.

Vital X is a sacred, romantic, and unforgotten sensation between two strangers. Unnamed desires and moments recorded on the project are vital.